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Kambo is known as the ''Vaccine of the Forest'' for its ability to strengthen and revitalize our whole being. It is a deep cleansing therapy that works on all levels – physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. 


If it is used in the right way, Kambo is very secure. Nevertheless it is important to be aware that this is a very potent secretion and one has to know how to work with it. Several factors have to be regarded for a secure intake. Statistically speaking, many more people could suffer side effects from common medication, to use an argument often heard however this should not be an excuse to use it irresponsibly. 

The biggest danger could be when a treatment is done by someone that has no experience in this area – neither as a physician, natural healer or shaman. A white gown and a syringe does not turn every human into a doctor. Equally, a few feathers and a rattle does not make someone a shaman. You should always be mindful to be treated by someone who has experience in this field and this sort of treatment. 


This can be very individual depending on the person's needs and the health situation, so it is good to have a chat prior to treatment. In many cases one treatment can be sufficient to achieve some desired effects. Yet it is recommended to use Kambo more often than once, because Kambo cleanses our body layer after layer each time. There are several ways how Kambo can be taken and they may vary from different tribes and practitioners, for example it can be taken for several days in a row (especially when dealing with bigger issues), once a week, few times in a month, for new moon or similar. In this way you reconnect to the previous treatment and experience an even deeper cleansing. In general I recommend 3 sessions within one moon cycle. 



No, Kambo is not suitable for everyone and that is why it's not suggested to take Kambo if one of the following conditions applies to you as there could be possibly some contraindications:

  • Very low blood pressure or when on medication for low blood pressure 

  • General heart problems 

  • Brain hemorrhage

  • Aneurysms or blood clots

  • Addison’s Disease

  • Esophageal varices

  • Pancreatitis

  • If you taking immune-suppressants for organ transplant

  • If you are recovering from a major surgical procedure 

  • If you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy 

  • Pregnancy 

There could be a couple of other cases where it is not recommended to take Kambo, and it is therefore always good to have a chat beforehand and see if a harmless treatment with the Kambo medicine is possible.


Any day and time which suit us both. 

Private sessions are held in my cozy

home in Ljubljana. Group sessions ...

well, it varies. 


•  3L of room temperature water if you are in a group session

•  Cozy, layered clothing for hot and cold temperature fluctuations (and a change of clothing in case yours gets soiled during treatment)

•  A contact lens case with solution added (if you choose to receive Sananga eye drops and wear contact lenses)

•  A hair band or clip if your hair is long

Kambo, Izven iluzije, Katja Brvar
Kambo Pricing

My approach is to work one-to-one or in a small group only; in this way the body is able to release more than just physical toxins, and deep healing is able to occur on all levels. Especially for emotional blockages and traumas, a safe and intimate space is required which is often hard to achieve in group sessions. For this reason I provide one-to-one sessions to support the integrity of the process, where deep and holistic healing occurs. 

The session usually takes around 3 hours though there are no strict time limitations. Group session last longer and is limited to 6 participants only. 

Private Kambo session for one (2-3 hours):

1 session: 130€

3 sessions within one moon cycle: (110€/session)

Private Kambo session for two (3 hours):

1 session: 90€

3 sessions within one moon cycle: (80€/session)

Kambo session for 3 - 6 participants (3-5 hours):

1 session: 70€

3 sessions within one moon cycle: (60€/session)

For unemployed price can be arranged. 

All sessions include a consultation, tailored protocol, Sananga and Rapé (optional), organic herbal tea and nourishing snack after the treatment.  


As a kambo practitioner trained in the Amazon jungle I combine Matses tradicion with modern approach. 
The Kambo I use is ethically sourced by the Matses tribe of Peru who are one of the main guardians of this secret medicine.

For more information about kambo feel free to contact me:
030 779 315

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