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Kambo is known as the ''Vaccine of the Forest'' for its ability to strengthen and revitalize our whole being. It is a deep cleansing therapy that works on all levels – physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. 


The Kambo secretion based on human use was first researched and described by western scientists John Daly, Vittorio Erspamer and their team, published in 1992. Vittorio Erspamer already published an article based on his studies of peptides in Phyllomedusa skin “a huge factory and store-house of active peptides” in 1985.  

Those bio active peptides are also the reason why the pharma-industry is so interested in it, developing a new medication from one of the peptides could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars and there are already several patents existing on some of the peptides.  

Here are some of the peptides found in the secretion:

Dermorphin - Dermorphin has an opiate like effect on mu-opioid receptors, making it a very potent painkiller with effects 30-40 times stronger than morphine.

Deltorphin - Deltorphin is also a powerful painkiller and delta opioid agonist.

Phyllomedusin - A neuropeptide that has a powerful effect on intestines and bowels, contributing to the purging often experienced when taking kambo.

Phyllokinin - This neuropeptide can cause a long lasting reduction in blood pressure.

Phyllocaerulein - Another potent painkiller that reduces blood pressure and affects thermoregulation.

Adenoregulin - A 33 amino acid peptide that works with the adenosine receptor. This antibiotic peptide can have harm-reducing effects against a myriad of bacteria, fungi, and protozoa, including cancer cells.

Dermaseptin - Induces potent antimicrobial activity against bacteria, yeast, fungi, protozoa, and enveloped viruses that often cause severe opportunistic infections.

Tryptophyllins - Highly potent against the yeast candida, may have potential in cardiovascular, inflammatory and anticancer therapy.


More information about the scientific research can be found here: and


As a kambo practitioner trained in the Amazon jungle I combine Matses tradicion with modern approach. 
The Kambo I use is ethically sourced by the Matses tribe of Peru who are one of the main guardians of this secret medicine.

For more information about kambo feel free to contact me:
030 779 315

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